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My Favorite Hike in the Bay:I’m a weekend hiker in the Bay area, so I know a lot of good places to trek.

So whenever anyone visits from out of town, we take the ferry over to Angel Island and bicycle the day away. The history, the nature and good exercise keeps me coming back. Be sure to bring a picnic.

NextPlanetTravel via Tripadvisor, Angel Island


Tent Camping Rocks!!!I don’t think I will ever go back to regular tent camping.This was the greatest experience. The camping package is awesome! And so affordable!!! I was worried about the bedding, but the sleeping bags and pillows were perfect!

The staff here, were so friendly and helpful. The campground is in great location and you can hike down to the Gift shop and get a rootbeer float,ice cream and Espresso!!! The cabins are private, bathrooms are near and great space at each site for small kids to safely play.  Oh and I Love that the tent cabins have wood stoves to keep you warm at night! Thanks Kerry and William and…. The whole staff for making our stay the most amazing camping experience in the gorgeous Redwoods!

Deborah W via Tripadvisor, Big Basin Tent Cabins


Sublime Solitude Tucked Into The Oregon Woods. My rustic little cabin was clean and comfortable. I slept with all the windows open and it was pretty cold, but the bedding kept me snug as a bear.

One thing one doesn’t always get, especially in a rustic cabin, is adequate lighting. This place had outstanding overhead lighting and a nice bedside lamp.Nestled into the heart of Silver Falls State Park, these cabins are a great home base from which to explore the many trails and waterfalls in the area.

openrangepony via Tripadvisor, Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center


The Best Vacation Home Community Near LA:Amazing spot and only getting better. So just FYI we split or time between our Loft in downtown LA & our cabin in lake gregory. The locals or “townies” as I like to call them are certainly characters. Some of the reviewers here think the lake belongs to them and no one else should use it and everything should be free.

Anyway, back to my review. Where else 70 miles from downtown can you fish, hike, boat have an organic salad on the beach, dip your feet in  a gorgeous lake, take in mountain air, visit tons of antique shops….shabby chateau & three sisters being my two faves….I’m in love. I adore this sleepy mountain town….except for some of the locals who moved up to a resort community and now think they own the place….this is the best vacation home community near LA.

Jenna M. via Yelp, Lake Gregory


I’ll definitely be coming back a lot this season:I went for my first time last Sunday. I’m moving closer to the lake in the next few months so i decided to go check it out and see if it’ll become a regular spot. i went out with one rod, a G-Loomis GLX Medium weight, extra fast action baitcaster with a Johnny Morris signature reel, 12 lb test trilene sensithin. at the same time i decided to give Senko’s a try since ive never really thrown them before. i walked the shoreline instead of renting a boat and within 10 minutes landed a nice 2 pounder. most of the fish i caught were between 1-3 lbs, with a 5 pounder landed by mid day. i was switching between Gary Yamato Kreatures, Bass Pro Shops 5″ senkos and Zoom Super Brush Hawgs. all of them were some kind of watermelon color with red or purple glitter. Texas rigged. with this i ended the day with 8 fish landed and a huge bass snapping off. Not the biggest number of bass ever but definitely one of the funnest experiences. by about 2 PM i decided i was sun burnt enough and started the hike back. at the end of the day, great lake, great fishing, great view, absolutely beautiful setting. I’ll definitely be coming back a lot this season and i plan on getting a boat next time..
Aaron via Yelp, Diamond Valley