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Everyone remembers the "Dirty Harry" movies and Clint Eastwood's famous line "Make My Day!!"   I would like to suggest that you all think about the significance of making someone's day at your Park this summer - over and over again.  This is something that I talked about with great passion at the retreat at Asilomar.  [...]

Bright Shiny Objects…

  Today's world is full of trendy buzzwords and new websites for marketing. Buzzwords like: social media, SEO, product launch formulas, webinars, pay-per-click, mobile apps, etc. Many people get overwhelmed and confused about all these "new" ways to market a business. Well, don't be. These are Bright Shiny Objects or B.S.O. There's NOTHING new! If [...]

May 9th, 2017|Marketing, The California Parks Company|