Death Valley's Super Bloom | The California Parks Company was awarded the Death Valley Fee Collection Contact!  On July 13, your business development team submitted two major bids for new long term concession agreements.  These projects (Katherine Landing Resort and Marina with the National Park Service and Vail Lake RV Resort with Rancho California Water District) [...]

TCPC Congratulates…

Congratulations to Debi Wages for being promoted to Assistant General Manager at Monterey Lake Recreation Company.  Debi started with the Company in 2013, and has steadily increased her duties since that time, handling the accounting, human resources, reservations, entry gate and campground management duties at MLRC.  Last Friday we re-opened Lake San Antonio, which has been [...]

Pay Yourself First!

Almost 1 In 4 Workers Have Less Than $1,000 Saved For Retirement Several times in the past few months I’ve been asked about saving for retirement, employer-sponsored retirement savings plans, and why the company 401(k) is a good benefit.  If you have nothing saved for retirement, you’re not alone.  According to the Employee Benefit [...]

The Grapevine…Acquisitions & Updates

Your senior management team has ferreted out the next “big opportunity” right in our wheel house.  Katherine’s Landing, on Lake Mohave in Arizona fits the bill for us...and for many of the big players in the marina concessions business.  The competition will be significant, but we have a top team assembled to take on the [...]

Bright Shiny Objects…

  Today's world is full of trendy buzzwords and new websites for marketing. Buzzwords like: social media, SEO, product launch formulas, webinars, pay-per-click, mobile apps, etc. Many people get overwhelmed and confused about all these "new" ways to market a business. Well, don't be. These are Bright Shiny Objects or B.S.O. There's NOTHING new! If [...]

May 9th, 2017|Marketing, The California Parks Company|